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Honest Debt Settlement — Straight-Up Debt Settlement Answers...and Debt Settlement Alternatives

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Honest Debt Settlement

Honest Debt Settlement?  Is there really such a thing?  It all depends on whether your “advisor” has your long-term interests in mind, or is just trying to make a quick buck.

Debt Settlement itself is a solid industry – after all, most debt settlement providers setup an escrow account in which you have complete access to your funds.  Another solid way to perform debt settlement services allows you to maintain complete control of your funds because your money stays in your own account – no escrow accounts or third-party access whatsoever.  (If you talk to anybody that isn’t using one of the two models above…RUN, don’t walk away).

In addition to keeping control of your own funds, keep in mind that the debt settlement industry is highly regulated.  While there might be some debt settlement scams out there, they tend to be the exception, and not the rule.

So if the debt settlement industry itself and the companies that offer debt settlement services aren’t the end of the world…then why are there so many complaints and bad vibes out there about it?

Because the typical debt settlement company has a boiler room full of telemarketers that tell people what they want to hear, and don’t take the time to truly help them understand the big picture.  Some of our competitors will try to hush this up, but we’ll go ahead and say it:

Debt Settlement is not for everybody!

Anybody considering debt settlement needs to take the time to understand what to expect with Debt Settlement, and go over all of the typical Debt Settlement FAQs/Questions and Answers.

Debt Settlement isn’t a walk in the park.  Now don’t get me wrong…it is a great debt relief solution for many people and is definitely worth it, but you don’t push a button and wind up having half of your debt disappear overnight.

It takes time, and you might still need to take a few more aggressive phone calls from your creditors until you learn the most effective way to handle them, for example.

It is possible that a debt settlement solution isn’t the best for your specific situation.  (Oops, there I go again…my competitors are going to start trying to pay me off pretty soon to shut me up!)  Sometimes, bankruptcy is better than a debt settlement solution.  There are some other Debt Relief Options that you can read up on as well even if you don’t want to talk to one of our experts with no obligation.

Why do we want to be the straight-up debt settlement guys?  Simple.  We’d love to have a long relationship with you, and maybe even assist you months or years down the road with some of the other financial services that we offer.  (At this point, our competitors are simply laughing at us…”they are actually telling people they want to sell something to them instead of hoping the customer won’t notice!!!”)

Well, we believe if you treat people with respect, and tell it like it us, and give them great value and great service, that they might even want to do business again in the future.  That’s the way we like to work, and we are sticking to it!

Take a few minutes and fill out our Free, No-Hassle Debt Relief Consultation Request now.  Best case we can help you crawl out of your debt nightmare faster and less expensively than you thought was possible.  Worst case, you get some free advice by experts in the debt settlement industry…and suggestions for better debt relief solutions.  No obligation, so it really isn’t too painful.  Promise!

Please feel free to browse around our site to get more info on your various debt relief options, and if you’d like to ask any questions or get some different advice first, our owners directly answer questions posted on our About Page.

Best of luck, regardless of what you decide to do…

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